Adult chatroulette you don t sign up for

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On Wednesday, the New Yorker posted a story about Chatroulette founder Andrey Ternovskiy and the future of his voyeuristic Web site.The story originally said that Chatroulette "started redirecting pantless visitors to Hustler's Web site, and their computers would forever be blocked from Chatroulette.The bulk of the story, however, centered on the future of Chatroulette, the voyeuristic service that lets users video chat with complete strangers. Chatroulette." "Gawker is like an annoying fly," Ternovskiy responded.

Calling the contact with the minor “very disturbing,” Colarulo said, “An adult male from another state actually encouraged this child to send nude pictures of himself.

This was all done by a website.”The first thing parents tell their children is “don’t talk to strangers,” said Colarulo.

However, this website is set up to allow strangers to chat online with each other and through Kik Messenger, which allows people to video chat, as well.

Chatroulette is putting naughty users in a time out – permanently.

Those who flash their private parts on the anonymous video-chat service will be automatically redirected to an adult website that may or may not be Hustler, and their computer will forever be blocked from Chatroulette.

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